Rolling With The Randolph's

Rolling With The Randolph's

5 Episodes

Chris, Amira and their two daughters invite the world in on their journey of Godly obedience as they learn to balance Marriage, Ministry, Entrepreneurship, Family, love and laughter.

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Rolling With The Randolph's
  • Episode 1: Randolph Magic

    Episode 1

    Tune in the World Premier of Rolling with The Randoph’s. Enjoy getting to know each member of the family, and listen as we discuss our love life, a special surprise for our two daughters, and some special tips that will help you balance success, ministry and family!

  • Episode 2: Million Dollar Marriage

    Episode 2

    Have you ever wondered how rich your marriage could be? On this episode we take our audience deep into the topic of what a Million Dollar Marriage looks like! And if you have ever wondered what the biggest part of marriage gets overlooked? Chris and Amira answer this question on how effective com...

  • Episode 3: Every Pancake Has Two Sides

    Episode 3

    There’s more than one side to ministry. Listen as Chris and Amira discuss those sides and how they maintain balance in their family and marriage.

  • Episode 4: Dream Work

    Episode 4

    Take a look at the morning men’s Chris & Amira have with their team member. Be inspired to adopt a success mindset vs a team mindset.

  • Episode 5: Back to Business

    Episode 5

    Take a look behind the scenes as Chris & Amira plan, strategize, organize and prepare their businesses for rehearsal.