Real Conversations with Nora

Real Conversations with Nora

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Real Conversations with Nora is a Christian based show designed to inspire, motivate, and educate you as you advance in your life. Join host and inspirational speaker Nora Shariff-Borden each week as we cover a new topic with our talented special guests. From faith to finding professional success, we bring you conversations focusing on important topics to help you thrive. We invite you to take a moment of your day to listen to a fresh perspective and join us for a real conversation with your host, Nora.

Real Conversations with Nora
  • Episode 1: The Value of a Good Girlfriend

    Episode 1

    ​​Do you have girlfriends that lift you up or put you down? Join Sabrina Goodwin Monday and I as we discuss the importance of having the right people in your life!

  • Episode 2: Being a Lawyer that Stands on the Integrity of Christ

    Episode 2

    Join attorney Rosy Garcia Acevedo and I as we chat about faith and finance. Does money rule your integrity in Christ? What would you do if your business conflicted with your faith? We will address these important questions in this episode!

  • Episode 3: Finding Your Calling After Divorce

    Episode 3

    Joining us this week is Dr. Cassandra Scott, Pastor, Author and Mentor. We are covering the topic of finding your calling after a divorce. We are getting real and talking about the realities of divorce and finding your way through life afterwards.

  • Episode 4: Why do Women Stay in Narcissistic Relationships?

    Episode 4

    Pastor Kim Jones from Real Talk Kim joins us on Real Conversations with Nora. Our topic of discussion this week is: Why do women stay in narcissistic relationships?

  • Episode 5: How to Break Into the Fashion Industry as a Young Woman

    Episode 5

    Joining us this week is Amber White. Amber is the founder and CEO of Molded N’ Modesty boutique, which she launched as a way to express herself through the art of creativity, while providing modest individuals with fashionable pieces that exude humility. This week, we are discussing how to break...

  • Episode 6: Stop Holding on to your Past and Gravitate Towards Your Future

    Episode 6

    Join us this week on Real Conversations with Nora with my special guest JoAnne Barnes! JoAnne Barnes is a woman on a mission who has dedicated her life to helping people transform their lives. We are talking about how to stop holding on to your past and gravitate towards your future.

  • Episode 7: Mother & Daughter Working Together: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

    Episode 7

    Joining us this week are special guests Bridget Shaw and Kayla Ashlee Shaw! This mother-daughter duo is ready to talk about all aspects of working together. You don’t want to miss this episode!