Plugged In Live

Plugged In Live

“Plugged in Live” is where Artist step out of the recording studio, and head to the stage to share up close and personal performances and conversations.

Plugged In Live
  • Episode 1: Where I come from

    We all come from different walks of life that lead us on different journeys through life. Here is mine! Where I Come From.

  • Episode 2: Lost Thoughts

    Sometimes it’s important to dig deep and ask yourself the hard questions, bring up the hard topics. Bring back some of those thoughts that you have pushed away for so long. Here is a few of mine!!

  • Episode 3: Self Motivation

    No one said this journey would be easy. But I promise you that it is worth it all!! As we continue our journey we may fall, but it’s important to get back up and trust what God has for you! Believe in yourself!

  • Episode 4: About To Fall

    On our journey we all have reached a point where we felt the load may be too heavy. In those moments we lean more on God. And that’s ok!! The most important thing is that we continue to walk the path and trust that God will continue to guide us and carry us when we are “About to Fall!”