Morning Moments Television Show

Morning Moments Television Show

Morning Moments Television Show is hosted by Marvie Wright. We believe, “One Moment Is Enough To Change A Life!” Each day is filled with moments that are God’s opportunities to use each person to change a life. We change lives through kind words, a smile, a kind gesture, or other small seeds we plant for Kingdom work. We plant the seed and God does the rest! Morning Moments will provide the focus, revelation, and word of God for your daily moments. Let’s Grow! Let’s Go!

Morning Moments Television Show
  • Episode 1: It’s a Love Thang!

    What the world needs more of is love! Love begins with an inner foundation, then spreads to the world to manifest healing, peace, and restoration in each of us. Love is the greatest gift when presented from a pure heart. Join us as we learn how to first love ourselves, then study the requirements...

  • Episode 2: What Kind of Faith Do You Have?

    Without faith it is impossible to please God. Did you know there are several different kinds of faith? Watch this episode as we review the different kinds of faith while educating you on the exact type of faith we should strive for. Your key to moving mountains and executing miracles is simply yo...

  • Episode 3: Get Ready to Give Account to God!

    We live life understanding our responsibilities as Christians, but do we fully understand our areas of accountability. In order to prepare for your personal judgment day, daily awareness of accountability principles must be applied. Live your life according to the word of God for those desired w...

  • Morning Moments Show Episode #5