Money Mondays

Money Mondays

Money Mondays, the cultivation of business & community through edutainment, hosted by award winning speaker & author Sebastian sanders.

Money Mondays
  • Episode 1: Life after College

    For the Premier of Money Mondays we discuss finding your life balance and true self after college. Although post College includes the internal and external soul searching that young people face, God provides purpose during the seasons where most young adults fall into depression.

  • Episode 2: Patience in the waiting room

    Every season of life prepares you for the next. In your season of waiting, God is preparing you to grow your wings to fly into your success.

  • Episode 3: How to self publish your book?

    April 3, 2020 Sebastian Sanders self published & released his first book, “Art of Giving” One Nonprofit Can Change The World. Becoming an educational amazon best seller and a 3 part series book, Sebastian explains in this episode the process in creating and how you can write your own book to beco...

  • Episode 4: Money Mondays

  • Episode 5: One Week Before Underground HTX Grand Opening

    Money Mondays host Sebastian Sanders goes behind the scenes of his newest business venture Underground HTX. Urban multipurpose community center in his hometown of Houston Texas.