Dope Christian TV

Dope Christian TV

A “DOPECHRISTIAN” is an unashamed follower of Christ, living in the world but not becoming of the world. Basically, just trying to “stay lit” in a dark world. Come get lit with us as you take a peek into our lives as DOPECHRISTIANS!

Dope Christian TV
  • Episode 2: Breakups & Make-ups

    Breakups are almost a given in this life and sometimes we are broken in the process. Listen in on our chat about the growing pains of detaching from someone you loved.

  • Episode 3: Self Esteem

    BBBLS, Instagram models, and high-light reels can create unrealistic standards for beauty and success. We believe that confidence is rooted in Christ. In this episode, we share our struggles with staying grounded in Christ while denying the lures of this world.

  • Episode 4: The Glow Up

    Glowing up begins from the inside out. This Episode provides practical ways to elevate in every area of your life (spiritual, mental, physical & financial).

  • Episode 5: Lost in the Sauce

    We each have a unique and God-given purpose that extends outside of posting on social media. Listen in on a round table discussion where we explore purpose from a biblical perspective.